Mad for ModCloth!

March 30, 2010

ModCloth was started by two 17 year old sweethearts which totally amazes me because the website is freakin awesome!!! It is the sweetest story and you can read more quick and interesting facts here.

Before I turn this website into a mushy love story I need to tell you the reasons I love shopping here.

1. They have very unique clothes which makes sense because it started out as all vintage but they now incorporate vintage-inspired pieces as well as the real thing.
2. You can "be the buyer" meaning they put an article of clothing up on the website and you get to vote whether or not you would purchase the item and if the piece gets enough votes...VOILA, they will put it up for sale.
3. If you find a dress you love but you think it looks short or the fabric looks funny or WHATEVER, you can look through customer comments of people that have actually bought the items and they will tell you the truth about each piece. (I have actually been saved by customers many times regarding a shirt or skirt that I love but the reviews said it was too tight, short, ect)

Here are some cute finds for spring!!!


  1. Love that croc handbag. So affordable too! xx

  2. great finds! i love the bag and shoes!



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