Etsy-Feature Shop of the Week

April 20, 2010

It's that time again!!! Today I wanted to feature Persephone Vintage because the vintage and handmade clothing the site offers is incredible. They have a really great mix of high and low end items so the chance of grabbing something from this Etsy store in your price range is a sure thing!

Along with the vintage clothing Persephone Vintage also sells outerwear, accessories and shoes so be sure to stop by the store and take a look! You can also get on the mailing list for updates to the shop. This dress really wants to be in my closet...yes please!!!!


  1. So pretty... I checked their site and I was impressed by their vintage collection. That first dress you posted wants to be in my closet too. Hahaha! Thanks for sharing the link. xoxo

  2. that blue little number is calling my name. omg.I love it. thank you thank you thank you so much for introducing me to this place!! I AM SUPER EXCITED!!!

  3. At first I was like, "Wow, that model has really shiny legs" Then I realized she is made of plastic. Hahahahahahaha. Love that blue dress in the first photo!


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