Hotdogs and Hamburgers and Beer, Oh My!!!!

April 19, 2010

Yesterday I went to a baseball game for a friends birthday. The place we sat was amazing, I was in great company...all in all a wonderful day!!

This is what I was gonna wear if the temp had not dropped over the weekend, don't you just hate that! It's beautiful the entire week when I am at work staring longingly outside the window but as soon as I escape work and get to take advantage of the weather it dropped to the upper 60's!! I should NOT be complaining at all but I got kindda spoiled over the last couple of weeks.

My first try with leggings...I think the overall look turned out well....

Dress: Francesca's




  1. cute cute cute! love your shoes

  2. Great job with the leggings! and love the pop of color in your shoes!

  3. You look great in the leggings, Ashley! I have those CAbi leggings too and I love them. I also love Francesca's. Your blog is great :)

  4. You look always :)

  5. you look fabulous! I love leggings, they are so cute and you pulled the look off perfectly. Cute red shoes too :)

  6. I LOVE Soda shoes. They are so comfotable and deceptively inexpensive.

  7. My favorite look of all time: dress and leggings. If only the weather here in the Philippines would be cooperative, you'll always see me wearing something like this. I love this outfit and you look fabulous. xoxo


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