Rainy Date Night

April 26, 2010

My apologies for the ugly inside pictures in advance... the weather was just not cooperating on Saturday and decided to rain all day. Hubs and I had a date night and went to dinner and to see Hot Tub Time Machine! You can laugh all you want but that movie was freakin hilarious! I am a child of the 80's so the movie pick was my idea AND right up my acid-washed jeans alley.

I went with all black due to my depressed mood because of the thunderstorms but after the movie lifted my spirits I wish I would have rocked a miniskirt and legwarmers and of course a top with shoulderpads. Maybe next time...

New York & Company shirt

The Limited tank top

CAbi black skinny jeans

Wal-mart earrings

Payless shoes


  1. I like how the earrings add a pop of blue.

  2. I love the payless shoes tip!!!!!

  3. I love the all black. Here in NY it is totally common to see people in head to toe black midday... walking around a park... in the summer.

  4. Black is my one true love... I love to wear all-black all the time except the weather here in the tropics right now is just too hot to wear my blacks. Love your black ensemble and the smile is fabulous. xoxo

  5. LOVE that top. And wasn't Hot Tub Time Machine hilarious? I mean, it's one of those "it is what it is" movies, but my husband and I loved it!

  6. you look great in those skinny jeans. So glad I bought you those!!:-)


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