Etsy-Feature Shop of the Week

April 27, 2010

Today's feature shop is Nest Pretty Things by Tamar and it is the sweetest little shop you have ever laid eyes on!! All of the creations are very whimsical and dainty so it makes sense that her house reflects that same character, check it out here.

Expect to find many pastel colors in her jewelry, lots of charms and floral designs, and many other items that make you feel overwhelmingly girly. When I look through her jewelry and accessories it makes me want to dress up in my frilliest dress and have a party with tons of balloons and flowers and serve cotton candy to my guests. I love the enchanting feel of her shop...and I love the way it lets me dream about owning a piece of her collection and all the make believe places I can wear them to.


  1. Oh yay! Etsy Feature! you have such a great eye for these Etsy features. I love the shops you select. This one really has some stunning stuff!
    Bravo Ashley!

  2. What a great Etsy find! I can never get enough of the site :) Love the blog!


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