The Casual TEE...

May 5, 2010

I have been in a mood all week long and the mood has NOT been a good one! I think my equilibrium was thrown off course this past Saturday when I went to a barbecue and had to much fun and Stella aka Ashley has not gotten her groove back!

Today I deemed casual tee day and put my t-shirt underneath a comfy Old Navy dress and just called it a day. Here's hoping the second half of the week is much better!!

(No, my leg isn't broken like it looks like in this ackward picture)

Old Navy dress

The Limited t-shirt

Target sandals

Forever 21 necklace as a bracelet

Forever 21 sunglasses


  1. You make that dress look so cute with the t under it!

  2. You look great in pink and orange

  3. I just saw another blogger rock the tee under strapless look a couple days ago, and I loved it. I get so much inspiration from you girls! It looks fantastic on you, dear! Such a great colors in the dress.

  4. I'm really digging the strapless dress over t-shirt look. You look so cute :)



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