The All American TEE...

May 6, 2010

Okay, the title is a little bit of a fib because if you wanna get technical this outfit is reddish orange, white and blue and yellow. The focus is the t-shirt challenge this week anyways so moving along...I will show my pride on the 4th of July. (sheesh)

It was actually hot enough outside for shorts AND it was not raining for once so I was super excited to bee bop outside for my mini photo shoot. If you are like me with the blogs I follow and scroll down right away to check out the outfit THEN read the post that goes along with it you might have noticed that I branched out yet again and went outside my comfort zone (backyard) to take today's pics. I know I said it was humiliating for those little punks to spy on me the other day, but when I looked out my window and saw all the flowers growing at an office building within walking distance from my backyard I couldn't help to wander over there. I would have pulled some kung fu moves on those little kids this time around!!

TJ Maxx reddish cardigan

The Limited t-shirt

Ann Taylor Loft shorts (click here)

Payless yellow flats

Forever 21 sunglasses


  1. Super cute! Love the shorts. Why, oh why, must you keep wearing cute things AND linking to them so I am tempted to buy? ;-)

  2. Such a cute outfit! I really like your flats and cardi :)

    Melanie @Unravelled Threads
    My custom elastic waistband skirt giveaway ends Saturday!

  3. I love the color of the cardigan and how you wore yellow flats with the look.

  4. Love the cardigan and shoe combo - those colors look great together. I would have never thought to pair those myself. So cute!

  5. Soooo flippin' cute! Those shorts are very sassy.

  6. I am legitimately wearing those shorts right now! They're so fabulous.

  7. Bonito blog, gracias por compartir, me gusta.


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