Business Casual

July 27, 2010

I bought this blue shirt from Forever 21 about a month ago but had trouble deciding what to wear it with. I didn't know if it would be super casual to wear to work and have actually worn it with shorts a couple times but feel like it hides the shorts due to the length of the shirt. (People probably thought I was prancing around in a mini dress those days)

I ended up just throwing on a pair on brown work slacks and calling it a day because I was soooo tired I couldn't think clearly about proper work attire. At least I am comfy!!

Shirt from Forever 21

Pants from New York & Company

Necklace from Forever 21

Shoes from TJ Maxx

New haircut with more layers from Salon Visage:)


  1. i like the hair cut AND the outfit. :)

  2. I thought the hair looked different!!! Looks good!!


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