Farm Party!

July 26, 2010

Over the weekend my friends and I had the chance to go to the small town of Sweetwater, TN for a birthday party/camping experience and a experience it was!! Not ONLY was the heat index 105 degrees but we were supposed to camp out under the stars in that weather. It ended up being fine after we got over sweating half to death just from hauling all of our stuff to the camping spot and setting up our tent. The rest of the night was good times and the next morning we went to the pool and relaxed and recovered so all in all a great weekend!

I tried to wear the coolest thing in my closet so I went with a strapless sundress and my cowboy hat to avoid getting sunburned on my face. My hair went into a ponytail after about 30 minutes of trying to wear it down but other than that I was pretty comfortable.

Dress from Forever 21

Flipflops from Old Navy

Cowboy hat from Target

Earrings from Target

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