Color Me Happy!!

August 13, 2010

I bought this dress a couple weeks ago and I am finally getting around to wearing it. If the style looks familiar that's because it is...I also have a black version of this same dress (click here)!! If I find something that I really, really like I have a bad habit of buying in bulk regardless if I need it or not. My philosophy is when you find something that you like, why not buy it in every color!

Dress from Francesca's Collection

Shoes from

Necklace from Forever 21

After work I attended the Mad Hatter's Happy Hour, a fundraiser for the American Cancer Society and it was fun and rewarding. ACS ended up raising over $3,000 from the benefit which is amazing!! I also took some pics of fashionable friends while we were there. Happy Friday to everyone!!


  1. Such lovelies! So glad y'all came last night! And BTW, hosts were supposed to wear a hat - thus my fedora in one picture. I'd hate for your fashionable readers to think I paired that just because. :-)

  2. jbush, you can strike a pose, sister! :)

  3. Hi! I just found your blog too and I love how cute you are. I think if you like something and it fits well definitely buy it in every color, especially since you'll probably wear it out quickly!

  4. Great necklaces :) Ditto on the added color!


  5. Ashley, I love looking at your outfits. This is one of my fav colors this summer and I can't agree more with your philosophy!!! BTW, it was good seeing this summer :-)

  6. cute blog!!! :) i can't wait to go back to tennessee!! an amazing statE!

    i'm following you now,follow me back,please?!

  7. Love the color, and combined with the cut, it looks fabulous!


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