Everything's Coming Up Roses...

August 4, 2010

My new Modcloth dress finally arrived...yippee!!!! It has pockets...double yippee!!!! I love comfy, casual dresses that you can just throw on if you happen to get a last minute invite and literally run out the door.

Thank goodness this dress got here because I have NOT had a good week. On Monday I had a flat tire and had to wait an hour for AAA to come change it all before going into work (late no doubt). On Tuesday we were having one problem after the next at work so hooray for the UPS gods for showering me with my purchase. Shopping makes everything better!

Modcloth dress (purchase here)

Old Navy heels

Francesca's Collection necklace

Target hoop earrings


  1. you are so cute!! i love that dress!!

  2. i love that dress! it's so cute

  3. You look like you belong in Mad Men. This dress is STUNNING!


  4. That dress is SO pretty on you, wow! I'd wear that and look like a washed-out rag doll. :(


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