Wipe OUT!

August 5, 2010

I have been so dang tired lately I feel like all I have been doing is fact, a nice long nap sounds perfect right this second! Normally I bounce right up when the alarm goes off (okay so I hit snooze once) and get in the shower BUT this entire week I have been getting back in the bed after I shower and resetting the alarm. My clothing and pictures have been reaping the negative benefits of my lazy week.

That leads me to today when I knew I couldn't hit snooze slash lay back in bed until the last minute then run out the house with wet hair. Today the Regional Manager comes to the office and we all must look/act/feel our very best! I went with an outfit that says I tried but not too hard...wouldn't want to give him the impression that I am teacher's pet (even with the glasses)!!

**Sorry my pics are so foggy-the humidity was INSANE! I will take a normal picture of my outfit later to at least show you what I look like**

New York & Company skirt and belt

Ann Taylor Loft tunic shirt

Marti & Liz Cole Haun heels

Burlington Coat Factory purse

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