It's Moving Time...

August 9, 2010

Hubs and I started moving this past weekend!! It really happened by accident or fate or luck...however you wanna look at it. We were not even planning on moving anytime soon but a bigger condo with a 3rd bedroom, bonus room, bigger kitchen and in a quieter area of the neighborhood was available and we got a deal that would have been stupid to turn down. Surprise!!

The moving process has had it's ups and downs so far I cannot lie. Example: I was trying to organize my new closet (something that I pride myself on and take tons of time doing because I like it perfect) and the ENTIRE shelf fell with all my newly hung clothing on it. Note to self-I may need to sell or give away some of my clothing since it took down the shelving...I may have a bit too much!!! I will post more pictures as the moving continues...

Living Room

1st Guest Bedroom

Living Room chaos


Bonus Room

Looking over the loft style bonus room to the living room

2nd Guest Bedroom

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