Vamping It Up!

August 20, 2010

After the scary, no makeup debacle post from yesterday I decided to vamp it up this Friday and pulled out my red dress, heels and some much needed lipstick!! I will wear makeup with the best of them but when it comes to lipstick I always get so put off. I am way more of a lipgloss girl but looking at these pics today compared to the ones from yesterday some tint on my pout makes a world of difference!

Tomorrow my girlfriends and I are doing a girls night out, hot diggity dog! I cannot wait to get dressed up and chat, gossip, laugh and complain with my besties!! Have a wonderful weekend and remember you can NEVER have too much happy.

The Limited dress

Payless heels

Target belt

Forever 21 earrings

Ann Taylor Loft cardigan


  1. That color looks awesome on you (or maybe its the makeup?-ha) Such a simple outfit, but looks so pulled together.

  2. Hello...thanks for stopping by my blog....Id love to follow yours too...:)
    Love your outfit..Im really feeling red this season too....:)

    You look great!!

  3. Nice dress... super flattering on you!



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