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October 8, 2010

I thought I would share some pictures of my favorite room in our new closet!!! (I am only kidding, or am I?) I didn't really care what color the walls were, how the furniture was positioned or what cabinet I wanted the everyday plates to go in BUT I did have some specifics about how I wanted my closet organized!!

I am a freak about color coordinating the clothing in my closet and obviously pairing stuff together like all dresses in one section, that sort of thing. When I found out my in-laws were gonna put extra shelving up (thank you tons) I went to town and started thinking up all kinds of crazy ideas that will probably never happen but a girl can dream!!!

My first obsession is my shoe wall. Now this is only half of my shoes (the summer shoes are in storage bins) but they are up off the ground at eye level so I can see what I am working with first thing in the morning.

My boots are stored above on the top level of shelving

All of my sweaters are in this handy hanging compartment I bought at Target

All my purses are on another top level of shelving

My standing jewelry box my parents got me

The earring tree I bought myself on Etsy that holds all my favorites for easy access

Color coordinating is COOL

Just to show you the difference between my new closet and the old closet here are the old school closet pics


  1. Nice! A well organized closet is one of the keys to a stylish wardrobe ;)

  2. Your old closet is what my closet looks like now :S oh how I need space!!
    I love how everythign is color coordinated, and how your shoes are up nice and high!

  3. Love the shoes! Did you organize them by heel height with the tallest on top? Hehehe.

    Super cool, I'm so jealous. When we move I'm going from a huuuuge walk in closet to two regular old closets. I'm going to have to be creative!

  4. i am soo jealous :D
    you have so many clothes :D

  5. I would DIE for your closet Ashley!

  6. Um hello shoes! Jealous- what a great closet! I asked Nathan if we could turn the guest bedroom into a sitting room for me, aka closet... He said no. lol! But seriously- not fair he has three closets to my one. Have you tried the Huggable Hangers? You can purchase them at Target. I recently bought a 5 pack just to try them out and they are AMAZING! No slippage for my dresses or wide shouldered tops.

  7. i love your closet! you are so organized. :D

    <3, Mimi

  8. I love closet posts!! Thanks for sharing!


  9. I clear out and organise my closet regularely because it gives me a sense of pride and I can make maximum use of my clothes.You did a great jof

  10. Oh how I LOVE an organized closet!! :)

  11. I absolutely have such a blast organizing my closet :) My clothes are arranged by sleeve length and then by colour...kinda similar! Looks like you one-up me a lot with your shoe selection, though!


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