Orange You Glad I Didn't Wear Orange!!

October 11, 2010

I love to support the Tennessee Volunteer's as much as the next fan but let's face it, orange is just not that flattering a color on well...anyone! I have not met a shade of orange that likes me yet but every Saturday during football season I begrudgingly dress in the orange and white colors to go support my team.

This past Saturday I opted for a more white and beige, less orange approach to go watch the game at a friend's house since it was an away game. I wanted to be comfortable since we would be partying most of the afternoon so I threw on my boyfriend jeans and wedges and tossed on an orange belt. I completed the look with orange earrings to make sure everyone knew what team I was going for and a flowy cardigan so I could eat and drink all my heart desires without having to worry about my clothes feeling tight. Until UT switches the team colors to a favorable shade of black, red, or even turquoise(all of which I have a ton of in my closet) I will continue to skirt around my issues with orange clothing!
Check out who snuck in my touchdown pose...hubs is peeking out the door!

Ann Taylor Loft jeans

The Limited cardigan (click here to purchase)

Forever 21 earrings and purse shoes

Mast General Store UT belt


  1. So cute :) I love your flats and jeans!

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  2. LOVE this outfit! Great way to wear orange!

  3. I love this! You look comfortable, yet still cute and polished!

  4. Great way to way to show team spirit w/o compromising on style ;)

  5. Just start pulling for UGA and you won't have to wear that ugly orange anymore!! ;)

  6. i love the pop of orange! and your flats are adorable!
    The Flip Side of Oz

  7. You look so cute! My team is Orange as well, and I have the exact same issues... organizations need to think of us women before they pick their school colors :)

  8. Like those orange earrings! They make your pretty eyes pop!

  9. LOVE LOVE your styling!!
    and I DIE for the color orange!! SO FUN
    and great finds!! : )
    Be sure to check out our store's sale items!


  10. Ha! I love how you're dressing for your team. I was all about doing that over the summer when the other football was all I could think about.
    I actually like orange with my coloring, but I can see how it's a tricky color to style, especially when it's the bright orange that sports teams tend to do. Your pops of orange are so right for this look, though.

  11. I actually like the orange you incorporated in this outfit - the earrings and belt makes the outfit pop all the more! It's nice!

  12. what a cute outfit! simple and elegant!
    love especially the jeans and the cardigan

  13. Casual the look :)

  14. Love the sweet little pops of color from the earrings and the belt! Love the touchdown pose even more.


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