Feelin The Blues...

October 12, 2010

I seriously had the hardest time getting dressed for work this morning. Everything I tried on was either to tight, to short, to frumpy, and the list goes on and on. Booooo for blah mornings!!!

I hate when I get into these moods when I can't find anything to wear. It might have been because I ate my weight in snacks yesterday but that's beside the point! Half of my closet was tossed out on the floor before I finally settled on this bluesy number. Then, when I got to work I realized that I have on two different pairs of is gonna be one of those days!!!

Ann Taylor Loft dress

Ann Taylor cardigan shoes

Necklace gifted from my friend Allison

Sephora Lip Attitude- Glamour lipstick (click here to purchase)


  1. Ah yes, one of those days! But honestly you look fabulous in this outfit! The color is so pretty and that necklace is outstanding!

  2. I hate when I can't find anything to wear, but you did fantastic! I am loving the mixing of the blues, and that necklace is gorgeous!! Love nude pumps as well! They are the best!! Tres chic girl!

  3. I hate those mornings! That is why I try to pick out my clothes in advance. That doesn't always happen, though. I actually had one of those mornings yesterday ;)

  4. The different shades of blue look gorgeous on you! What a fun statement necklace!

    Call Me Ishmael

  5. Love the outfit!! I know about blah mornings, I have them frequently! You look great :)

  6. Are you serious girly?! This is your "blah" outfit? I think it looks beautiful! We are so hard on ourselves aren't we?

    PS - Thank you for your sweet email! I started blogging about a year ago and it is my favorite hobby now =)

  7. I echo Beautygirl's sentiments. This is one fabulous "blah" outfit. I love the story about the earrings - you totally can't tell in the pictures!

  8. OMGOsh, you look so amazing! I loveth the color combo, and it's super flattering.


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