Polka DOTS!!!

October 27, 2010

I heart polka dots...they make me so happy! I need to buy more polka dot clothing like this cutie tank. Just thought ya'll should know...

When I bought these rose colored slacks I seriously thought I would wear them all the time but I have had problems pairing them with stuff in my closet. I mean... black, white and beige are no brainers but what other colors would look cute with them...I am at a total loss so I need ideas!!!

On a different note, did anyone else watch Glee last night? I have never seen The Rocky Horror Picture Show but I thought Glee's version was great so I may have to rent the 1975 original movie over the weekend to compare.

Forever 21 tank top and necklace

J Crew tuxedo cardigan

Ann Taylor Loft pants

Anne Klein shoes purchased at Marti & Liz

Kohl's pearl earrings


  1. I can see your dilemma with the pants but they are beautiful! Glee was great, Rocky Horror was on a different channel last night- check your listings and you may be able to dvr it & save a few bucks. Can't wait for Puck to come back next week... so HOT!

  2. They are cute! I wear poka dots whenever I can! And stripes!

  3. I heart polka dots too! You look really pretty.

  4. Cute! I never ever wear polka dots! Not sure why, but I think a polka dot skirt would be too fun =)

  5. I love polka dots, too. I need a new polka dot shirt!

    And I also love GLEE!! But you definitely need to see the original. It's bawdy and hysterical and fun. And you'll realize how very awesome Kurt was as Riff Raff!

    And did anyone tell you that Barry Bostwick was the original Brad and Meatloaf was Eddie? That's why they guested.

  6. Cute pants.. hmmm I am trying to visualize other things/colors to wear with them and to be honest, I have a cute pair of pants a similar color that I rarely wear because I have the same problem. I like the polka dots with them, its very sophisticated.

    Guess what, I also have my first ever giveaway of some really great turquoise earrings you might like

    check it out:

  7. Love the polka dots and the pink pants. Of course, I don't know what else to wear with them, which is probably why I don't own pink pants.

    And you should watch the movie, it's wild, and it'd totally make you appreciate the Glee episode more.

  8. I'd definitely try this out one day. I am busy woman working in the office. Your style gives me an idea on how to mix and match, on how to be very presentable being.I like the tank Really cute!! Glee? well I am not that fan of glee but I appreciate there series. I respect it=)

  9. Aww. You have the coolest necklaces! I love how it adds a great touch to the overall outfit feel! FYI.. there's a contest on facebook where you submit a picture of yourself with your fave accessories for a chance to win a $100 gift card to stores like HM, Forever 21, Anthropologie, etc. You should totally enter!


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