Tuesday Morning...

October 26, 2010

So sorry about missing an outfit post yesterday...I really do feel guilty!! I just couldn't get out of bed Monday morning to save my life and in turn it caused a nasty clothing decision on my part and just didn't need to see that!

I needed a day to recover after the weekend I had. My entire family was in town so we were on the go constantly all weekend long. We shopped for new furniture for the condo on Friday during my lunch break then went to a nice dinner that night AND Chris Lambton from this season's The Bachelorette was there!!! All the girls in the restaurant were swooning and he is mighty good looking in person if I say so myself.

eBay vintage dress shoes

Fizz Boutique belt

Forever 21 purse

New York & Company necklace


  1. I've noticed you have a lot of stuff from - how it the quality of their products? I love shoes but it's a requirement that the must both look good and be comfortable.

  2. Ashley-some of the pairs of shoes I have ordered from have been awesome and some had to be sent back so it is really hit or miss I would say.

  3. Cute dress! I love shopping for vintage dresses on eBay. Let us know if you have any favorite sellers.


  4. What a great ebay find! You look fantastic!

  5. WOW! it works on you. I love the vintage dress (nice prints) and the cutesy belt. I should check out ebay=)

  6. FANTASTIC dress---especially with the belt and heels!


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