Lazy Sunday, Snowy Monday

December 13, 2010

Well, yesterday I was sitting on the couch all bundled up on my super lazy Sunday watching a movie with hubs because it snowed!! We were supposed to go look at Christmas lights up in Gatlinburg with the in-laws but the weather totally cramped our style.

Wanna know a secret....I was actually kindda excited I didn't have to get dressed and ready and go freeze to death. I was all cuddled with a blanket in my p.j.'s and my belly was full from lunch AND we had Christmas smelling candles burning and I love lazy days.

Here is what I wore out to a birthday celebration on Friday night. Sorry for the inside pictures but I missed the mark on outside picture taking because I took forever trying to curl my hair. Guess what...the curl fell out after about 2 hours. I am destined to have stick straight hair forever!

TJ Maxx skinny jeans

Forever 21 tank top

Ann Taylor Loft cardigan

NY& Co. gifted necklace

Marti & Liz shoes


  1. I'm all over those shoes!! You look adorable! I have let myself off the hook from trying to look fabulous absolutely every day. Sometimes, you just want to schlepp around the house. ~Serene

  2. I think this is one of your cutest outfits ever! I love the combination of the skinnies with the looser top/cardi. I wear this type of thing almost every day! And I think your hair looks beautiful. I would kill to have straight hair!

  3. The stripes with the pink pop is amazing. So is your hair!

  4. i love this look! definitely something i would wear on any given day! and those shoes are fabulous!

  5. oh i really love this pink cardigan!! it adds a wonderful girlie touch to the outfit and bright colors are a must during the dreary fall/winter months!

  6. it's amazing what a fab pair of heels can do for a girl. You look great in your pink cardi and striped top. The shoes really do it! My hair fails to curl as well. It's impossible!

  7. Your hair looks great! Sometimes I have to take indoor pics too, it's just the name of the gme sometimes!

  8. I freaking love pink. This is gorgeous on you =)

  9. This is a great outfit, I too like the stripes and the pink, but I really love that extra long and sparkly necklace with it!

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