New Years Resolutions!

December 31, 2010

I have a couple New Year's resolutions for me personally and my little bloggy blog! I cannot believe it's almost 2011....where has 2010 gone?

For A Fashion Fixation:

1. I vow to be less intimidated about taking pictures outside of my comfort zone aka my front doorstep. I am always so embarrassed taking photos in public places but I am sure you guys are tired of looking at my front door.

2. I am gonna try and comment more on other people's blogs. I try and get to as many as I can but it's so hard working my 8-5 job, doing my blog and trying to have free time for myself. Enough complaining...I am gonna do it!

3. Have FUN!!!! Following 200 something blogs and looking at all the other style bloggers makes me jealous sometime (I want her body, her hair is awesome, I wish I could afford those clothes) but I have to remember to!

For me personally:

1. On the top of most NY resolution's and mine....lose weight! I look back at pictures of when hubs and I got married a little over a year ago and I can tell a difference. Oh, the joys of wedding weight!

2. Learn to balance my husband time and my friend time better. This will be a hard one because I LOVE hanging with my girls.

3. Learn to cook!!! I have got to practice, practice, practice and some day (soon) it will hopefully click.

Be safe tonight and here's to a wonderful 2011...CHEERS!!!!

Express sweater

Banana Republic button down shirt

CAbi leggings

JC Penny belt

Victoria Secret boots (click here to purchase)


  1. Great Resolutions! I agree as inspiring as most Fashion Bloggers are its very easy to get envious! I get it all the time - its natural. THe Grass is always greener right.... Jeeze I thought I grew out of that with my Teens.... GUESS NOT!

    Check out my Resolutions I think we are on the same page! We can stick together and make sure we make it happen for one another:

    However Id love for you also to pop by and check out my Giveaway - maybe start your year off with a little Glitz and Glam?!?

    Yours Truly

  2. I love your blogger resolutions! #2 is really high on my lists of resolutions, too, but like you said it's so tough to make time to visit and leave feedback on all the blogs I follow! I just want you to know that I appreciate your sweet feedback on APP :)

  3. You are good at posing...get out there and strut it girl! I would suggest taking your camera with you everywhere you go and when you see a good spot, stop and shoot. Start small, like the backs of buildings, allyways, etc. where no one can see you. The most dilapitated places are often the best for pictures. As far as cooking goes, seriously, try the filets that I posted today...EASY and SO good {and impressive!!}!! Love your boots and happy New Year girlie!!!

  4. These are really great goals. I used to be afraid to take pictures in public (I'm a photographer and I often times go to public places for photoshoots) but now I just don't care. People are going to think what they're going to think.

  5. What a gorgeous white sweater! I want it haha.

    As for your goals... I can really relate to the "don't compare yourself" one. I seriously compare myself like craaazy to other bloggers. It really annoys my boyfriend haha.

    You're right, you just have to be yourself. Because for every blogger you look at in envy, there is someone looking at you the same way.

    Happy New Year

  6. The boots are really great. Your goals are realistic which will help you stick to them.

  7. how cute! :] looove this one!

  8. I like your resolutions
    Very well thought! Hope you achieve them all!

    I just found your blog and you look very pretty and you seem like bubbly girl :D

    Meda from

  9. I love the goals! I need to work on #1 too, I don't usually care when my boyfriend is the one taking the pictures, but when I'm by myself I get chicken and don't leave my house.

  10. Those are some great goals! I totally understand about wanting to lose weight, but i think you look great and have an awesome shape. I hope you the best on your resolutions!

  11. Kudos to you for ALL of these resolutions!

  12. Great list!! I totally know what you mean, I feel weird taking self portraits in public too. I always try to drag along a friend. LOL

  13. HOLY COW! those boots are fabulous! I've seen them in the VS catalogue for years and have always thought they were so cute (just a bit too high in the heel for my tootsies)and have been coveting them. You're totally rocking them!


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