Day TWENTY-FOUR and Weekend Pictures

March 1, 2011

I cheated on the shopping AND my 30x30 pieces!! It's like I went home and lost all self control...and I was so close to finishing too!

Oh well, I did wear part of my 30 for my sister-in-laws baby shower and mom snapped a couple of quick shots on the way out the door. Here are some fun pictures from the weekend.

This entire week is crazy with work and Junior League so I am gonna be VERY short on words the remainder of the week but promise to keep posting my outfits. Only 5 more days of the 30 for 30 challenge!

Day Twenty-Four

Two necklaces I bought while I was home

CAbi Fashion Show at my parents house Friday night

H2O Tour with Brad Paisley and Darius Rucker

Brad Paisley

My friend Stephanie and I after the concert

My parents are so cute

Buttery Nipple shots at Margaritaville in Nashville


  1. I would love to have both of the necklaces. And your pics are great.

  2. Oh no, so close!! I think those necklaces are beautiful, and I might have cheated a little for those too!!! Especially the one of the left, it is so GORGEOUS!!!

  3. Those necklaces are so precious! I want them, too! I really like the one on the left...

  4. I am so jealous that you got to see Brad Paisley!! I wanted to go, but my daughter was in a pageant. I am going to see Sugarland in April at the Bridgestone Arena, though. Something to look forward to!! I love your outfit!! You always look so great!!

  5. I think that because the items you bought were accessories that can be worn year-round, it's ok that you slipped :)
    Also, an event like a shower is a great reason to step out of your challenge to wear something else.
    Looks like a fabulous weekend!

  6. I love the necklaces you bought, particularly the one on the left~
    Looks like a super fun weekend!

  7. Well, it looks like an all-around pretty awesome weekend! =) You looked super cute! But you always do!!

  8. You guys sure know how to have fun! I love that coral-red looking necklace you bought too! I want =) Congrats on almost completing the 30 for 30 challenge. Lord knows I could never keep up with the daily pics and posts. Not to mention I look plain jane at my job, so that wouldn't be fun to blog about. You always look great!

  9. looks like a GREAT weekend!! (: and i love those necklaces you bought! that orange one is SO similar to a teal one i have! love it!

  10. what a fun weekend at home! the necklaces are super pretty. i also really love the dark blue cardigan paired with the scarf.

    cute and little

  11. I went to the same concert but at a different place. It was my first country concert and I must say for someone that didn't like country music for most of my life (Jersey girls usually don't like Country) I actually really enjoyed myself and think it's okay now to listen to every once in awhile. :)

  12. Pretty necklaces! Where did you find them?


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