Peach and White

April 15, 2011

Happy almost weekend! I have big, BIG plans for myself. Wanna know what they are...relax, hang with hubbie and clean out my closet. I need a weekend just to chill and get caught up on my life and just take some time to slow down.

Today I actually took the time to plan my outfit out which always works best for me and my type A personality! The weather is beautiful so I let my pasty legs see the sunlight again and absorb some much needed vitamin D (I see a spray tan in my future).

Stay tuned for the purse giveaway in a bit!

Charlotte Russe cardigan

Ann Taylor Loft skirt

Urban Outfitters heels

Target belt


  1. Loving your shoes!!! I'd love to have you link up today for Fashion Fridays...if you're interested, head over and check it out! Kori xoxo

  2. I like the color mixing with the cardigan and the shoes. It's fun without being over the top. I love seeing those UO heels too on so many blogs, but I have to know how comfortable they are and if they're worth the splurge....

  3. I love this color combo! Simple yet chic! LOVE IT!

  4. You look so cute, of course! I love that sweater!


    My Leather Jacket

  5. I love that sweater with the aqua shoes.I really need a pair of those shoes!

  6. Oh my goodness, I need to make time to clean out my closet. Currently, the majority of my clothes are piled on the floor. *sigh* You look beautiful, m'dear! =)

    I tagged you in a Things I Love post, if you feel like participating!

  7. That shoe color with the sweater is such a cute pairing!


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