Me and Mary Kate Olsen...

September 20, 2011

I am feeling very Mary Kate Olsen in this outfit and that is not a compliment to myself. You know how she always parades around town in layers upon layers looking like a crazy bag least I am wearing heels to make myself feel a tad bit better.

On another note-happy, happy birthday to my dear friend Sarah! I hope you get everything that you wish for!

Target maxi dress

Ralph Lauren wedges purchased at Marti & Liz

Forever 21 necklace

Francesca's cardigan


  1. 1) You don't look like a bag lady (and even if you did, it would be the chicest bag lady EVER)
    2) Your hair looks amazing today!!!
    3) MK ain't got nothing on you!

  2. I LOVE those heels! Such a great punch of color!

  3. Okay, you don't look a bit like a bag lady!! And you're not wearing near enough layers to look like Mary Kate. You'd need to wear a t-shirt under that sweater, but over the dress and maybe a giant button up shirt, too. =)

    I love your bright necklace and shoes!

  4. You by no means look like a crazy bag lady! I actually REALLY like this look! Your shoes are too cute :)

  5. I don't think people have said this enough but you look nothing like a bag lady! (unless it's a fendi bag lady a la Carrie Bradshaw)
    Awesome shoes!

  6. MK would be lucky to look this cute! Love the pop of color with the necklace and shoes!


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