Neutral Palette

June 27, 2011

Happy Monday! Today I have stuck with a rather neutral palette except for my brand new leopard print clutch. I got it from the cutest Etsy shop called CM Creole Creations and everything in her shop is made by hand. Check out all the purses, clutches and will want everything!

eBay dress

Ann Taylor Loft cardigan

Marti & Liz heels

CM Creole Creations clutch


  1. VERY cute clutch! And i love how neutral this outfit is, it makes you look so tall and slim!

  2. Aw, I love your new clutch! I have a soft spot for leopard print (and handmade!).

  3. Ok, this is gorgeous! The soft color palette makes your skin so tan and glowy. I love the heels as well as that clutch. You found your colors Ashley!

  4. This soft color palette looks great on you. The animal print is right on!

  5. You look fantastic in these neutrals! I love this!


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