It's Swap Time: Day Two

July 5, 2011

If I was to ever fall in love with a skirt...this would be "the one". The fabric, the tulip shape, the muted color and not to mention an elastic comfortable waistband all helped me make this decision. So it saddens me to know at the end of the week I have to mail it back to Kinsey of In Kinsey's Closet. We started a blog swap yesterday and will be styling each other's clothing for the remainder of the week so make sure to check out her fabulous blog to see her working her magic with my clothes.

In the meantime- I might be sleeping in this skirt to get the most out of it....just kidding (maybe)!

Kinsey's skirt

Forever 21 top

The Limited rose belt

Payless heels


  1. Gorgeous! I'm loving that skirt on you! It is pretty comfy (and it was on super sale, I think I paid like $6.99 for it!) :0)

  2. that skirt is just gorgeous! the shape is fantastic!

    dash dot dotty


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