What I Got This Week

August 19, 2011

While I have not bought much of anything this week (got a mani and some magazines and that's pretty much it) I will totally make up for that tomorrow because I am going on a road trip!

I am going to visit one of my besties at her new home in Durham, NC. The shopping is supposed to be incredible so I am super excited and even more so to visit H&M in Raleigh because I have not stepped foot inside one of those stores since 2009. It's so sad we don't have one where I live but I plan on making up for it don't you worry!

In case you missed it I am doing a Stella & Dot giveaway so please click here for your chance to enter.

TJ Maxx dress

Burlington Coat Factory cowboy boots

Claire's Boutique earrings


  1. This dress is super cute! The pattern kind of looks like hearts all over. Have you tried wearing a belt with it yet? come I can think of ways to remix other peoples clothes and not my own? hahahaha!
    I'm excited for you to go to H&M. They just opened a couple in my home town and I was dying to go. I can't wait to see what you come home with!

  2. That dress is so gorgeous on you! Super cute with the boots.

  3. I love that dress with the boots. Have so much fun in NC, especially when you hit H&M!

  4. Wow I just LOVE that dress! You look stunning as usual =)


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