Black on Black

October 12, 2011

The weather was all rainy and dreary yesterday and so was my mood; therefore so were my clothes. I tried to add a pop of sparkle with my necklace but otherwise stayed in the same color palette.

Does the weather affect anyone else when it comes to clothing choices?

Forever 21 top

Old Navy skirt

Payless heels

Necklace gifted from my mom


  1. For me black on black is fine with some bling!

  2. Totally! When it's nice and sunny, my outfit is nice and sunny. When it's cold a dreary I try and spice things up! Love that necklace!

  3. I always reach for neutrals when it's grey and rainy out and brights when it's sunny, at least until I make myself do something different.
    I love this look, though. So sophisticated!


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