What I Got This Week- Stocking Stuffer Edition

November 25, 2011

In my family we get stocking stuffers twice on Christmas Day. Santa Claus does one set at my parent's house and my grandparents also have a set of stockings for every member of our family plus all the in-laws. Each person takes little goodies over there and it's always been a tradition to open gifts then open the stockings.

I started buying stocking stuffers for everyone a couple years back and this year I thought I would share some stuff I have purchased. I am a huge fan of Spoon Sisters and have found little trinkets for every member of my family there. Everything listed is $10.00 bucks and under!

1. For the woman who hates a hangnail- Set of 8 Sassy Pocket Emery boards

2. For the cook- Two Most Useful Brushes in Your Kitchen

3. For anyone that wonders "What do I tip"- Tipping Etiquette Mini Guide

4. For the dog lover- Test Your Dog's IQ book

5. For the college student- Get the Hint Dirty Roommate Tags

6. For the "boo-boo's"- Bandages Big Girls Don't Cry

7. For the decision makers- Magic 8 Ball Ink Pen

8. For the traveler- See Thru Cosmetics Travel Bag

9. For the party person- Beer Bands

10. For the fashionable baker- High Heel Stiletto Cookie Cutter

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