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December 8, 2011

While I was browsing through Pinterest the other day (follow me here) I came across a casual, chic look from the fabulous Keiko Lynn. Since I wear jeans most of the time on the weekend I thought it was a perfect look for me to try. I used my boyfriend jeans and finally pulled out my brand new pink loafers (I got them for $9.99 I might add) and voila! Don't forget to check out Keiko's look; my source of inspiration.

Old Navy vest

Ann Taylor Loft jeans and top

Francesca's earrings

Enzo Angiolini loafers purchased at Marti & Liz


  1. Um those loafers are adorable!!! And I love your hair like that.

  2. Cute shoes! Does your camera allow you to use filters? A polarizing filter might help with the glare when you shoot into the sun like that.

  3. Love that vest with the stripes....and the pop of cute :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. I love how you styled your hair today! Looks fantastic, and you'd better believe I'll be copying it and crediting you with this hair style! ;)

  5. the pinkness of those loafers is AWESOME!

    dash dot dotty


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