Our San Diego Vacation: Good Eats, Part One

March 2, 2014

I can not say enough about all the meals I enjoyed in San Diego during our vacation there.  Actually, I can not say enough about the city period! We absolutely loved it there and after we got home both of us agreed we would move there...if we found fabulous jobs...the cost of living wasn't so get the picture.  

I tried to document most of the places we ate and of course we couldn't get to all the places I wanted to try in just four days, but here are some of my recommendations of incredible good eats in the San Diego area.  


Y'all...I am NOT kidding when I say I have had dreams about these taco's since I have been back in Tennessee.  The Cameron Taco's were like nothing I have ever tasted before.  I know we don't have "authentic" Mexican food here in the South so the closet thing I can compare these taco's to are the gorditas at Taco Bell (don't judge) and that's not even a comparison.  Imagine home made soft taco shells filled with melted cheese on a flat top grill so the cheese gets all bubbly and kinda has a crunch factor AND then loaded with spicy shrimp, avocado, cabbage, tomato and chipotle sauce...simply amazing.   

We literally stumbled across this place just hours after landing and were starving and I was being super bitchy after traveling all day and wandered into the first place we found.  It's not very big at all with very limited seating (I'm assuming it's the California equivalent of a fast food Mexican place?) so we actually placed our order and went and sat outside cause the weather was beautiful...of course.  My husband got the chicken quesadilla and thought it was wonderful and then on our last meal before we left I requested The Taco Stand again (seriously...I'm addicted) and I got the same thing because I was obsessed and my husband got the California burrito and loved that meal too.  Andddd now my mouth is watering talking about those damn taco's...moving on.


I actually did quite a bit of research before our trip (follow my California Pinterest board here) and found this great brunch spot that was recommended by Travel and Leisure magazine.  I had read it gets crowded fast so we decided to go the morning after we arrived in San Diego since our internal time clocks were still on a three hour time difference and 7am was like 10am at home. 

It was filling up fast even that early on a Saturday morning, so unfortunately I cannot describe to you what the interior looks like cause they were seating patio tables immediately and I am not a very patient person. On a side note- every single food place has patio seating that I saw and it's no surprise since San Diego is known for mild year-round climate.  

First thing I took note of- the menu was freaking HUGE, like, there has to be 100 items on the menu huge. I knew I wanted breakfast food so thank goodness that eliminated a lot of stuff but still a ton of choices.  I finally settled on the Breakfast Burrito and added avocado (always) and the husband got the same thing but without avocado.  

The picture above doesn't do it justice but the burritos were as big as your head. Neither one of us could finish our meal and had to take home leftovers (probably because I also ordered a side of pancakes for us to share) but it was soooo worth it cause the burrito and the pancakes were both delicious. 

Stay tuned for Part Two tomorrow...

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