Our San Diego Vacation: Good Eats, Part Two

March 4, 2014

So yesterday's post made me crave California food so bad so what do I do...make it a two part blog post of course!

 I found out about this restaurant by randomly searching Instagram and finding @lajollamom whom I immediately started following aka stalking her pics to get the inside scoop on local grub.  She had posted a picture that looked pretty yummy so the husband and I decided to give it a go.  

Even if you know what you are looking for and have an iPhone to give directions, this restaurant is hard to find.  Granted- it was dark outside but it is tucked back behind another well lit restaurant and off to the side of it's signage.  We literally were timid to walk up to the building (put the restaurant name ON THE BUILDING PEOPLE) cause we still didn't know if it was the right place or not even standing a few feet away.  

Once inside it seemed like a regular sports bar with television's mounted everywhere and garage like doors that made it an open air atmosphere type of place.  I ordered the Mahi Mahi sandwich and my husband ordered the Cajun Turkey Club and we both got the house chips as a side.  Both sandwiches had a really tasty citrus aioli sauce on them and the homemade house chips were my favorite part of my meal.  Also check out the craft beer selection if you go.

4.  The Public House


 The Public House is literally a "house" that has been converted into a restaurant and it was so cute! The seating inside was very limited and was all taken when we got there so once again we opted for outside patio seating.  The patio was a huge area and had space heaters set up everywhere along with a bunch of flat screen tv's mounted up along the bar but we got one of the outside booths to the side.  

Since part of the slogan was "Locally World Famous Angus and Kobe Wagyu Burgers" we both decided to try them out.  All of the beef that they serve is "farm to fork"  and served with shoestring fries. I got the Surf and Turf Burger which consisted of  1/2 lb. burger topped with Gruyere cheese, jumbo shrimp sauteed in garlic butter and tomato Bearnaise sauce (holy calories) and my husband ordered the Signature "La Jolla Cave" Bootlegger Burger which consisted of whiskey BBQ sauce, crispy onion straws, bacon and pepper jack cheese on top of a 1/2 lb. burger.  Both were great and very messy and once again we couldn't finish our meal and had to take half our burgers home.  

From left to right: Christoffel Bier Blonde Lager, Morland Golden Hen Ale, Julian Cider, Wittekerke Witbier Belgain Ale

The beer selection at The Public House could be a whole other post entirely because they offer an incredible 180 bottle choices from around the globe, 43 Belgian ales on tap, and also selections from local breweries and micro-brews! The beer menu was so overwhelming to me I just told our waitress what kind of beer I normally drink and just ordered a flight and called it a day. I was going cross-eyed looking at that intense menu.  

We hit up plenty of other places on our trip like In-N-Out Burger and Wahoo's Fish Taco's to name a few, and honestly never had a bad meal the entire time we visited San Diego. I hope if you ever get the chance to go you have the same fabulous experience.  


  1. I'm so happy you had such a great time here! I love the Public House, very good selection of beers! And In-N-Out is always good, though I try to not to indulge too often ;)


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