Boho Style

March 18, 2015


 I love this little boho dress so much! I bought it weeks ago and it's finally warm enough to be able to wear it. Sadly it is sold out but I linked to some other cute options below. I love the embroidery detail, the hemline and did I mention it has POCKETS:) I think it would be such a great swimsuit coverup also because it is on the shorter side.

Nobella Grace Boutique dress (sold out but similar here and here), Aeropostale hat, Target boots, My Carriage Awaits gel polish c/o Gelish (click here to purchase), Wendy Mink earrings, Maui Jim sunglasses


  1. I believe you that the dress is green haha! I love this casual look. I have always wanted to try the casual "oh I just tied this sweater around my waist" look, but I have flashbacks to middle school when girls would do this if they unexpectedly got their periods at school! I love it though, and I can see myself doing it as spring comes when you may want a jacket with you but not need to wear it all the time. Looking great Ashley!!

  2. I seriously almost spit out my drink reading this Kinsey!!! The flashback to middle school comment cracks me up and it is so true:)


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