I'm Having My Twins When?!

September 14, 2015


On Friday I walk into my OB appointment like I have a hundred times and do all the routine stuff like pee in a cup, get weighed (blah), get to see my babies (yay) and then meet with the doctor at the very end.  Well imagine my surprise when the doctor prances in and tells me I start going in for weekly visits starting on Sept. 21st and that she thinks based on who the hell knows that I will probably have the twins between 35-38 weeks pregnant.  I will be induced at 38 weeks if I don't go into labor by then. 
(Panic immediately sets in)
 Um, WHAT?!  I am 28 weeks right now so I could potentially have children in the next 7-10 weeks MAX.  I am no idiot. I know from research that twins always come early and 36 weeks pregnant with twins is considered full term.  I knew that I would never make it to December 5th, my actual due date, but I also never considered that they might be here on October 30th, right at 35 weeks.  They went from being Christmas babies to potential Halloween mind is blown.
DSCN5157 DSCN5158 DSCN5156 DSCN5152
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