Boyfriend Jeans and Oversized Tops

September 11, 2015

I only worked a half day yesterday so it was a boyfriend jeans and over-sized top kind of day.  I'm at the point where I am only comfortable in my flip flops because my feet are swelling at an alarming rate throughout the day.  I was getting so worried about it that I looked up the signs for preeclampsia but I don't have any of the symptoms except the swelling part.  I am going to have to buy some bigger shoes for the fall/winter season so if you know of any comfortable options for not too much money, please let me know!

DSCN5147 DSCN5141 DSCN5145 DSCN5144
Old Navy maternity boyfriend jeans (click here to purchase ON SALE), Target top, Tory Burch flip flops (click here to purchase)

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