Halloween Edition!!!

October 29, 2010

I think everyone should dress up for Halloween no matter your age! It is so fun to cut lose every once in a while no matter how straight laced and serious you are. On that note, I cannot wait for Halloween!!!

We have a party to attend on Saturday, October 30th which also happens to be my little sisters birthday. While I will not reveal my costume until after the party I thought it would be fun to show some of my past costumes and also some of my friends outfits I have seen along the way. Happy Halloween everyone!!!

The entire crew out for Halloween

Me as Alice in Wonderland, a Geisha Girl and a Baseball Player

Me and the Captain Morgan Pirate

Superwomen, Me and a Egyptian

A Flapper, me and a Egyptian

Me and Little Red Riding Hood

Me and Amy Winehouse

And now for my TOP 4 FAVORITES!!!

Tampax and Aunt Flow

A Cowgirl and her Cow

My brother and his best friend as Dumb and Dumber

Me as Jackie O, Mom as a Go Go Girl and my little sister borrowing my Alice costume


  1. Ok, you go to some fun parties!! I want to party with you!! LOL

  2. i would totally be wonderwoman if i had the body for it!

  3. You look so cute as Jackie O! At my school's party last night a couple came as Alice and the Mad Hatter!

  4. I love the Jackie O costume! Love the tampons too haha. I am your newest follower!!

  5. Bwahahaha "Tampax and Aunt Flow" roflmbo!


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