The Monster Mash!!!

November 1, 2010

While I had to go with my second costume choice because the one I ordered was a little snug (note to starts today) the party hubs and I went to was a huge success and it is safe to say that everyone had a blast!!! Here are some pictures of me and my homemade, last minute hippie costume.

I ordered the dress off of eBay so it is the real 60's deal and the boots are mine from Victoria's Secret. My headband was really a belt that went with one of my dresses but not anymore since I cut it in half for my hippie headgear. I purchased the butterflies on my face from Sally's Beauty Supply and they are actually for your nails but work well as facial art too! The makeup and hairdo was inspired by Brigitte Bardot who I personally think is stunning.

I could not do this Halloween post without including the incredible decorations from the party and all of my friends spooky costumes. Hope everyone had a safe and fun Halloween 2010!


  1. You look great in your costume! Last minute or not, it is cute. Next year you will have your ordered costumed for this year ready to go!


  2. That dress is amazing! It should work its way into your regular rotation :)

  3. Looks like fun!

  4. Such a great costume! The hair and makeup really make it perfect :)


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