Clothing Swap, Day Four Outfit

November 8, 2010

What a great weekend! I had a great time working my shift for Tinsel & Treasure and bought some goodies for myself, Christmas gifts and the best dip and soup mixes I have ever found! On Saturday hubs and I attended a wedding and Sunday we had the most relaxing, lazy day I have had in a while. It all started with a trip to IHOP for some chocolate chip pancakes and you know your day is gonna be great with you add chocolate milk into the mix.

We did get out and go grocery shopping for some last minute items for the week and since I still have some items to style from Liz and I's clothing swap, I thought I would incorporate some items into my weekend wear. I am actually making dinner tonight, prairie land pot roast from Kraft Food & Family cookbook, so wish me luck because cooking is not my strong point!

TJ Maxx skinny jeans

Steve Madden boots purchased at Marti & Liz

Liz from LizzyPunch shirt, necklace and shrug via our clothing swap

Forever 21 sunnies

Gifted earrings


  1. those boots.
    Thanks for stopping by. =)
    I really like your blog.. became a follower, would appreciate if you could follow me too !

    Peace & Love

  2. Great outfit! love those boots!

  3. Can you teleport those boots to me through the computer screen, pretty please? =)

  4. beautiful outfit!! i love all the ruffly layers of the blouse and those boots are the perfect cognac color!


  5. Love this look! Those boots are fantastic!

  6. Love, love, LOVE the ruffly top-- so cute!

  7. Dark jeans, a white top, and brown boots is always one of my go to outfits during the winter. You look fab and I love your boots! Good luck with the cooking.

  8. This is pretty much a perfect outfit. It's so pretty and polished while still being casual.

  9. Looks like my kinda outfit! Love the look!

    xx Vivian @

    P.S. Can you email me your address? diamondsandtulle[at]gmail[dot]com

  10. This was so helpful I never would have thought to wear those 3 items at once :)

  11. love love love the idea of a clothes swap- SO smart - and u look fabulous love!!

    PS - want FREE art? - come 1 come all and *JOIN PHOTOgraphy Give-Away * .. if you interested of course!

    *kiss kiss*

  12. I love this outfit. Clean and simple, but chic and feminine! you are rocking those skinny jeans!!!!!


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