Lumberjack Chic

November 9, 2010

Yesterday when I was looking at my calendar for the month of November it registered with me that I am not working a 40 hour work week for the rest of the month! Man...what a wonderful feeling!! Hubs and I's one year wedding anniversary is this weekend (more on that topic later in the week) so I am taking off this Friday and two days next week and then the following week is Thanksgiving and I have off the Monday after the holiday also. Where has this entire year gone!!

I only have one more piece from the clothing swap left to style but I had to take a day off to wear this flannel goodness to work today. I feel like a lumberjack minus the beard, axe and Babe the Blue know, Paul Bunyan's bestie. Don't ya just love American folklore!

Burlington Coat Factory dress boots

My mom's vintage earrings

Tights oldie but a goodie


  1. I love the lumberjack look! :)
    How lucky to have some days off! Doesn't the end of the year always put everyone in a good mood? The holidays are coming, winter clothes are unpacked, and there's a chill in the air that signifies good food and fires are on their way!
    I like winter until about December 31st...and then I'm ready for my summertime weather again!

  2. i'm loving shirtdresses and this one is such a beautiful color!!


  3. Your outfit looks great. I am obsessed with plaid.. there is nothing more quintessential in the fall. I love having days off work! I don't have a forty hour week until the first week of December! SWEET

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  4. I love those boots! Plus the tights it is super cute and flirty! I live in Seattle and plaid is kind of everywhere here so you've shown me a way to style it. Thanks! I alway get good styling tips from your blog Ashley!


  5. Love that dress! I have a soft spot for plaids, especially when they're femmed up like this.

    Mad Dress Game

  6. I just found your blog and it is adorable :) i love your top header design- super cute :) and i am a huge fan of the flannel-it's just so cozy and wintery...

  7. I love this look and the browns. I don't know why but I generally shy away from brown- definitely need to open up to this pretty, rich color.

  8. Happy anniversary to you and the hubs! Cute dress and great earrings! I have a link up on Wednesdays for gals that coordinate jewelry with there outfits! You should link up.

  9. I think you will have a lot of fun remixing the lumberjack dress, especially layered under cardigans and blazers.
    Hope you enjoy your abbreviated work weeks!

    Chic on the Cheap


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