I Spy...Something Red!

November 10, 2010

Remember that game....I Spy?? If you never played as a little kid I am sorry your parents neglected you and for those that know what the hell I am talking about, "I spy...something red!" (This is where you silently look at the pictures and try to guess what the object is I have selected)

In this case, it is my new quilted red purse!! For those that didn't guess correctly, better luck next time and you may need some glasses. I seriously thought this purse was gonna be a little bigger but it is kind of growing on me. It doesn't matter that all I can fit in it is my cell phone, camera, id and check card or that previous bags I have carried could hold 20 of this little baby. This purse will help me downsize all the junk I haul around and reduce strain from toting around 50 pound handbags. Get one while you still can!!

CAbi tunic

Forever 21 skirt

Payless boots

The Limited cardigan

Charlotte Russe purse (click here to purchase)

Belt and tights no clue


  1. Like the bag a lot, and the tunic is beautiful and very flattering on you!

  2. The bag is adorable and adds the perfect pop of color to your outfit!That tunic is super pretty too, I love the scalloped edges!

  3. I spied it (the red) in the itty bitty thumbprint on your facebook. ;-) Love your style!

  4. i love the beautiful design on that tunic and the red purse adds a pop of color to the outfit! charlotte russe always has the cutest stuff!!


  5. Love the little POP of color! It really pulls together the outfit.

  6. Love the pop of color. That bag is really cute, thanks for posting the link! It will have to wait until after the no shopping challenge is over!

  7. What fabulous style you have!! Thanks so much for following my blog and I'm tickled to be following yours! Looking forward to getting some more ideas from your cute combos! PLUS, you're in TN, right? We're neighbors! ~Serene

  8. Gorgeous tunic and that purse adds the perfect pop. I've been enjoying the smaller purse lately - that little red one might change your life. ;)

  9. That bag is so cute! It pulls your outfit together so nicely!


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