Day ELEVEN and the weekend...

February 12, 2011

I was doing so good with my little numbers I have been holding up for the 30x30 challenge until today! I had to get creative for number 11 so just imagine they really isn't that big of a deal but I am weird like that.

The rest of the weekend I am gonna:
  • Find a Valentine's Day gift for my hubbie
  • Buy my sister-in-law a baby shower gift for the upcoming shower I am helping host
  • Go weigh in at Jenny Craig (let you know how that goes)
  • Browse furniture stores for a new couch and end tables for the casa
  • Recover from our girl's only Valentine Day dinner last night...too much wine!
Notice what is NOT on my to do list-shopping for clothes or accessories...BAM! I am kicking this challenge in the buttock! (I will probably regret writing that sentence in a week or two)

Target cardigan

Target dress (click here to purchase) ON SALE

Steve Madden boots (purchased at Marti & Liz)

Charlotte Russe necklace

Nail Polish color is Deep Sea....yes, I am rocking blue nails


  1. Love the cardigan with the black dress and boots! Have fun over the weekend!

  2. The color of those boots are so rich. Is that the Intyce? My, perhaps, I should get me another pair of brown boots. Haha!

  3. Love the cardigan and the necklace - they make the outfit, for sure!

  4. Ha I was feeling pretty cocky this morning thinking about how I haven't even missed probably won't last long :) LOVE those caramel boots!!

  5. Loving this outfit.. And the boots are fabulous!!

  6. I like the cardigan cause I bought it for her!

  7. Love the boots and the color! Great outfit!



  8. LOVE buying new furniture!! You look lovely by the way!!

  9. Those boots are awesome! And I am HUGE fan of black with brown so I love the combination. And my favorite color is yellow. So basically, you nailed it!
    The Auspicious Life

  10. The boots are wonderful, just like everyone else has already said!

  11. Perfect combination of color & pattern with your chic outfit~ Just came across your blog and am a huge fan!

  12. you look adorable! happy happy valentine's day :) LOVE the yellow with the cognac boots!



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