February 24, 2011

Let me just tell you today was one of those days. I overslept, my hair was not cooperating at all and to makes matters worse I weighed myself this morning (because I am obsessed) and I was up from yesterday on the scale. I didn't feel like getting dressed so I just threw on my comfy black dress and chambray shirt and called it a day.

Looking back at these pictures I should have taken the extra 10 seconds to put on a belt, or at least a necklace, so I didn't look so sloppy going into work. Hey-you win some and you lose some!

Don't forget to enter the cardigan have until next week!

Target dress (click here to purchase) ON SALE

Steve Madden boots purchased at Marti & Liz

Target shirt

Stella and Dot earrings


  1. I couldn't tell you had a bad day! Those earrings are fab and a black dress is always classic.

  2. Do you just hate a bad hair day? Those are the worst!

  3. Love the shirt. And your hair looks great to me. It's raining here and bad hair seems inevitable.

  4. Well, one of "those days" or not, you still manage to look cute!

  5. Ah, sorry you had a bad day lady! You still look gorgeous, and your hair on a bad day is better than my hair on a great day. Feel better? Because it's true.

    Melanie@Unravelled Threads
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  6. Sorry you had a bad day, but i think you look fabulous! I love the outfit too, it looks very put together. i just love how "basics" always look good regardless of how you feel.

  7. I think you look pretty damn amazing for having a bad morning. Yesterday, I was in "HO HO HO" fleece jammie pants, a "Where the HELL is Farmville, VA" sweatshirt, curled into the fetal position with unbrushed teeth and greasy hair.

    And if this is a bad hair day? MMhmm. I want to be you.

  8. I love this look, what are you talking about? Hey we need to start planning another swap for next month :D


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