What Do "Teen" Stores Mean To YOU?

July 14, 2011

I know many people my age shy away from shopping at stores like Charlotte Russe and Forever 21 because both stores do tend to target teens and women in the early 20's but I just cannot stay away. They have current and trendy clothing for very affordable prices so I do not feel like any money is wasted if a tribal print top I buy only last one season.

You have to be willing to dig around, which I don't mind at all, to find hidden gems in big retail stores like those. Take my zipper top for instance...this is an outfit I wore to work (yesterday) and it's sleeveless so I would wear it out on the town and can cover up with a cardigan to make it more office friendly. If you have not checked these stores out in a might just surprise yourself with what you find.

Charlotte Russe sleeveless top ( click here to purchase)

Target flats

Kohl's skirt

World Market necklace

Ann Taylor Loft cardigan


  1. That top is so cute! And I love how you mix it with classic pieces from Loft and Kohls to make it all grown up. =)

    I go into Forever 21 and Rue 21 sometimes. I always feel ridiculous in there, but they've got cheap, trendy stuff that us older girls can pull off if we wear the right way. lol

  2. age is nothing but a number, haha! i sometimes forget i'm closer to 30 then 20's. {sigh} i love both stores and hey my mom still shops at them both too and she is one cool mom! lol

  3. I have to admit that I avoid Forever 21, mostly because I'm an old lady and I can't handle how loud the music is. Seriously. I like the styles fine, it's just the music! I also frequently yell at kids to get off my lawn, though.... ;)

  4. I used to shop there all the time, before I had my daughter, but now I feel like I can't really fit into most of their clothes. And also, the atmosphere is sometimes annoying in there. :) But I should try again!

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  5. I just hate shopping at those stores because I'm too large to look good in anything, and the quality sucks =/

  6. I like CR better than Forever 21. I don't shop all that much at either, but Forever 21 stresses me out with its overstuffed racks. The merchandising in CRis much more appealing to me. I remember reading an article a few years back about CR revamping its merchandise and visual strategies to feel more boutique-like and to try to target an older, more sophisticated demographic. I guess it halfway worked. And I like your top, by the way!

  7. I am a plus size girl so the sizes don't work for me but I love the jewelry, shoes and purses. I live by the motto "The girl who dies with the most shoes and purses wins"


  8. Really love that shoes! are so stylish! I'm following you darling! Hope you can also follow my blog! Big kiss Mary
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