Two for One...

July 13, 2011

Since I am hosting an Old Navy giveaway, click here to enter, I figured I should show off some of the cute clothes they have right now in the store...and online! Now-I got creative with this maxi skirt I wore a couple of weeks ago and made it a tube dress today for work and added the cardigan to look more professional, even though I am still pretty casual for most offices. I added my Forever 21 necklace to "dress it up" and my gold flats because working in a doctor's office has me walking all day long...the first couple of weeks I kept wearing really high heels and had to learn the hard way.

Old Navy skirt (click here to purchase-on sale!)

Charlotte Russe flats (click here for smiliar pair)

Forever 21 necklace

Old Navy cardigan (click here to purchase-on sale!)


  1. Ashley, that skirt looks great as a dress. It is such a pretty color. Looks great with the cardigan too.

  2. Digging the skirt as a dress! The print is GORGEOUS!

  3. I love this outfit and the fact that you're wearing a maxi skirt as a dress!!!

  4. I would never ever guess that what you're wearing is actually a maxi skirt! It looks perfect as a dress!


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