To-Go Meals...

August 30, 2011

Yesterday was the third day I have gone out to eat for dinner...THIRD! I seem to have a problem staying at home and cooking in my own little kitchen so apparently I am taking a foodie tour of all my favorite restaurants in town. I am gonna try and contain myself and eat a well balanced meal tonight at the casa-does a sandwich and chips count? Seriously, does it?

Charlotte Russe dress (click here to purchase)

Burlington Coat Factory belt

Stella & Dot ring (click here to purchase)

Earrings purchased on vacation in Charleston

MIA wedges purchased at Marti & Liz


  1. oooo i looovee that dress! :)

  2. Love the outfit! We go out to eat a lot too, so don't feel guilty!

  3. I love this look. The belt makes you look fab! (But then again, I'm addicted to belts!)

  4. This is so pretty and flattering! LOVE!


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