Let's Get Physical

October 6, 2011

I went and got a physical yesterday and guess how long that has been...thirteen years!!! I am so insanely scared of having blood drawn that after I left and went to college and no longer lived under my parents roof, I decide not to have yearly exams anymore.

I obviously survived after blood work AND a stupid Tetanus shot that the doctor said I needed. It really wasn't that bad but that does not mean I want to do it again anytime soon!

Target dress

Forever 21 cardigan

Payless pumps

Francesca's belt

Fizz Boutique earrings


  1. You look gorgeous!! Love the belted dress:)
    I had a physical two weeks ago. My daughter went right after me, SHE got the same shot...yikes!! Hope you ar efeling ok, she was sore for a few days...nothing a little shopping cant fix, right? lol.
    SO happy to be back.....I have missed you:)

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  2. Tetanus is the worst! It hurts so bad the day after! But you are working that dress!

  3. Hey at least you looked fab while doing it! I love this dress, and I wish I had it hanging up in my closet!!

  4. oh man, tetnus shots suck! My boyfriend had to get one on Monday after slicing his finger open and having to get stitches - he says his arm hurts more from the shot than from the cut/stitches!


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