Mad Men Styles...

October 4, 2011

Awww, I had the best weekend! My mom was in town until yesterday and I always have so much fun with her and add a birthday party, a UT football game and a great dinner with a favorite friend into the mix and that equals perfection.

Also new shoes from TJ Maxx. This entire outfit reminds me of a spin on Mad Men attire. A little leopard, a pencil skirt and my new kicks make me a happy girl today.

Kohl's skirt

Charlotte Russe shirt

Forever 21 necklace and open cardigan

Ellen Tracy heels purchased at TJ Maxx


  1. First time visitor, and I love this outfit! That blue shirt is so lovely on you and plays up the leopard print nicely. Great shoes too, do they have patent leather toes?

  2. That does sound like a fabulous weekend. Love your outfit. That cardigan is adorable :)

  3. i'm also new to your blog. you're gorgeous! and i love your style - and i need a leopard print top. like, now.

    Check me out over at Surely Sonsy if you get a chance!



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