The Blanket Scarf and Boot Tights

November 13, 2014

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Leggs Boot Tights c/o, Aerie blanket scarf (click here to purchase), Target hat (click here for similar), Old Navy button down (click here to purchase), J. Crew Factory skirt (click here to purchase), Piperlime ankle boots, 3D Fiber Lash Mascara (click here to purchase) infamous blanket scarf is now around my did this happen?!  I saw this trend spread like wildfire on blogs and Instagram alike and put off and put off getting one for myself mainly because of the Zara blanket scarf hefty price tag (who PAYS that much for a freakin scarf).

 I then saw affordable (yet just as cute) blanket scarves hit local retailers and finally FINALLY bit the bullet and bought one.  Aerie has some of the best patterns around in my personal opinion for just $29.95!

Moving right along to the lower part of my body...hello L'eggs boot tights.  These tights have a unique ribbed foot built in to help your boots fit better in your tights.  Every lady needs a pair and luckily you can pick them up at Target, CVS, etc. so basically every corner.  If you missed my post yesterday featuring the L'eggs Convert-A-Tight you should really check it out.

One more day to enter to win the Mimi's The Look $50 gift certificate!


  1. My thoughts exactly on that freaking expensive scarf!! I have seen these scarves popping up everywhere, and for good reason! They're super cute and perfect for layering and bundling up for the winter!

  2. I like the combo boots and tights and the scarf is expensive but fashionable thanks for the post

    Opaque Pantyhose or Tights for Fall Use

  3. Hey girl! I LOVE blanketscarves, aren't they the best? I am in LA and so it's not get too cold yet and so blanket scarves are so easy to just throw on and walk out the door. Also, did you know they are so crazy easy to make yourself? A fraction of the price that you would pay a retail, I have a DIY BlanketScarf tutorial on my blog, you should totally check it out sometime! They are make awesome gifts!!


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