Weekend Warrior

July 31, 2015


  Before I got pregnant I was a pretty active person working out about 3-4 times a week. I can proudly say I have continued this lifestyle so far throughout my pregnancy. Since finding out I was pregnant with twins at 7 weeks, however, I have had to modify some things. My doctor told me I could walk, do the elliptical or ride a stationary bike safely until I deliver so that is what I have been doing up until this point. I use to run (not anymore) and walk outside but I cannot bear this heat with my core body temp already so much higher than normal so I have moved inside to a gym for the reminder of my pregnancy.

  Old Navy has been my savior for maternity active wear so far. I love these compression crops so much that I ordered another pair in black a couple weeks ago and have been alternating them. I usually wear a size large in Old Navy non-maternity so I just sized up to a XL for some cute and affordable tank tops. I truly think working out has saved me from a lot of typical symptoms moms-to-be get around this time like swelling in the feet, excessive weight gain, etc.

  DSCN4838 DSCN4840 DSCN4837 DSCN4830
Old Navy maternity compression crops (click here to purchase on SALE), New Balance tennis shoes (click here for similar), Forever 21 socks, Old Navy tank top (click here for similar), Target sports bra

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