Maternity Style: Staying True To Myself

August 3, 2015


Some maternity clothes (alright...almost all of them) are very dowdy and tent-like but going into this pregnancy I was determined to have the same style as I always have. I knew I would never be one of those confident women that bared my bump loud and proud because I never wore skin tight clothing when I wasn't pregnant. So far in this 22 plus weeks of my twin pregnancy I have found pieces that skimmed over my bump to enhance it without making it the statement feature in my clothes unless I want it to be.

  One of my tips during pregnancy is to size up in non-maternity clothes because it will end up saving a bunch of money. For some reason, maternity clothes are expensive! I don't know about you but I am not willing to spend a fortune on clothing that will only fit properly for about 5-6 months over my growing curves. I would love to be as rich as Kim Kardashian and buy all these designer maternity duds but I don't have the KUWTK television money.

Another tip is to pick fabrics with more stretch like jersey material. Being pregnant in the summer has been so easy due to all the maxi dresses and flowy, bohemian style pieces. Pick a long non-maternity maxi skirt and pair it with a maternity top to save a few bucks so you don't have to purchase a total head-to-toe maternity outfit. It doesn't work for me anymore but all during the first and some of the second trimester, I did the rubber band trick with my regular jeans to save money and just wore long, tunic style tops to cover the evidence.

  Some of my all time favorite maternity places to shop are:

1. Old Navy- the selection in stores are crap, you HAVE to shop online where the selection is much bigger. I just trusted the sizing and went with the same size I wore in non-maternity and so far it's working for me. The maternity pieces that I have that are still available online are here, here, here, here and here if you have any questions about the fit. PS- all of them are on sale!
  2. ASOS- they have a amazing selection of maternity clothes and while some of the brands they carry can get a little pricey, I usually stick to the ASOS maternity brand cause it's a more affordable option. I am *this close* to buying this dress for my upcoming baby shower. It's off the shoulder and floral which are two of the moment trends right now proving that maternity fashion can be just as fashionable as regular clothing.
3. Motherhood Maternity- this site can be hit or miss and I only have one or two pieces from here so far but the things I have are classic. I bought this denim dress knowing I can wear it in the heat of the summer with flats and a statement necklace and carry it through until my due date (December) with a open knit sweater, boots and tights. I also bought this dress because it is such a timeless shape and very business casual work appropriate. ( I'll take pictures when it comes in.) I just found out that Burlington Coat Factory carries the Motherhood Maternity brand for way less...I got the cutest top yesterday for under ten bucks!

The non-maternity places I have been shopping and just sizing up are Old Navy, Target, Gwynnie Bee (click here to join), Southern Bella Boutique and of all places- Altar'd State...they have so many bohemian pieces that fit me but it is on the expensive size.

It is entirely your choice how to dress when you are pregnant but stay true to your personality and try to dress comfortably in those nine months. 

 Bottom line- buy clothing that you feel good in.  Rock those baby bumps!

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Old Navy dress (click here to purchase ON SALE), Tory Burch sandals (click here to purchase), Francesca's necklace, Jonathan Cate sunglasses (click here for similar)

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